Been there

by Willy - 9/7/13 8:52 AM

In Reply to: History: The town that FDR killed by James Denison

Bodie was nothing to really get excited about, it was already going downhill or already reached bottom in my visit of 1974. So, even at that time it wasn't all that much. But, it was a town that depicted how life was in the old west days, reason I made the day trip vacation.

As for anything associated with coal, that too is a hard industry to fathom. Sure, there's coal in them hills but it isn't the hard coal many want and/or easy to reach. The lesser quality from other areas of the country are easier reach and can be shipped by RxR back to the east. Further much of coal mining while large companies st6ill do this work, more often smaller mines provide employment and its these that are hard hit. I wish it wasn't so but they are harder to keep going on the best of terms. Further, maintaining coal waste and the past evidence of poor planning has been known to cause problems. The reason many govt. regs. or intervention had to be done. Don't count on employment being the main reason as the side issue of population and waste is too easily know that cause conflict. Why have employment if you're going to dump the waste and ruin waters and/or destroy top lands, even if reclaimed there is still coal waste under the topsoil. There's alot more dynamics going on here than meets the eye. -----Willy happy