Thanks for the reply.

by mopscare42 - 9/3/13 11:37 AM

In Reply to: IMO by R. Proffitt Moderator

I totally agree with less parts doing the same job is much better.
The price of the mirrorless camera have really come down in the last year and some them are down to about the same price as some P&S cameras.
As for the slow focus on the Nikon L810, I was just comparing it to my Daughters Canon SX280 and not my DSLR.
Nikon did release a firmware update to 1.1 for the problem, but that didn't seem to help much.
I am curious about the mirrorless cameras and beings we have a big camera store in Spokane that stocks them, I think I will go take a look at them.
The view finder is another big plus for me.
Thanks again for the replay and will let you know what I think after actually handling one.