Newer model = different values

by James_Kaan - 9/1/13 10:16 PM

In Reply to: Newer Model = Different settings by MasterZoen

I bought E320-A1 myself, which foregoes the smart tv features and has the different bios. The specs of the TV's seem to be identical across the board, though. I looked up the manual for MY tv model and it showed the default color temperature values as 128--the midpoint. Judging by that, I adjusted the values listed in the review from a 256-point scale to a 100-point scale (with some rounding off):

Red Gain: 26
Green Gain: 30
Blue Gain: 41
Red Offset: 49
Green Offset: 50
Blue Offset: 53

I then changed my contrast, color, and hue settings, all of which I had adjusted differently using the AVS HD 709 disc. Now, I've changed everything to the values listed above and, man, it does look better. It's brighter, for sure (higher contrast), but skin tones really look right now. I hope this helps anyone who has the same "different model/different bios" problem.