I have read the manual countless times already but..

by laveenya - 8/31/13 9:40 AM

In Reply to: I'd start with the camcorder's manual... by boya84

Seems like the manual has everything except answer my problem

It did say that I should expect the files to be read me only seeing that it came from the SD card but would that make a difference if I used a cable to connect my cam and my laptop instead? This just occurred to me if that might work better

Can you give me a step by step on how to do this? "If your video editor can't import correctly from the files that were copied to the computer, then use a transcoder like MPEG Streamclip from www.squared5.com, convert the files to a format that your video editor prefers... This should address you Question 3."

Please bear with me for I suck at this and I am new sad