See My FAQ and step by step

by bosundave - 8/28/13 1:25 PM

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Any s60 and S64 owners please know I have almost completed an FAQ and a detailed step by step post for pixel aging, and checking HOURS on your panel that will appear in the Calibrations Forum. A Pro calibrator by the name of dnice has a set of free slides available for download and then transfer to SD card or flash drive. 0-100 hours is prep aging of the pixels. Then you can use his settings or really any one else s. It depends a lot on total hours, personal preference, and variance from panel to panel which calibration works best for you. David K's numbers are linked quite often as one of the several calibrations out there for S60 sets.

I recommend the 100 hour slide prep or 150 hours of break in at reduced contrast and brightness watching normal source material as long as no logos, black bars, or PC connections are used. Then and only then you can get the full benefit of the various calibrations. I am going to load CNET's David K, Dnice, and a few others in Custom, Vivid or what ever is available. Then you can toggle between the ones you have programed in. I think that makes a lot of sense.

I do like David K's settings since he is about the only one that really addresses the red push that these panels tend to have. A lot depends on aging, believe it or not. The slides actually age the colors fast, but evenly at 100% contrast which is the opposite for aging by watching source video like satellite or Bluray or cable. Hope this is helpful.

Look for my detailed step by step and FAQs posted as a supplement to Dnices instructions which are cursory and not great for noobs. My clarification is so that almost anybody with no experience can do this. Calibration Forums by the first week in Sept. I will post a link here later.