Found That

by bosundave - 8/28/13 1:01 PM

In Reply to: See this link by bigpoppa--2008

Thanks. yes, I found that and have been very active on that thread and several other Panasonic S60 threads. The jury is still out whether the S64 needs a separate calibration from the S60's. Some think that is the case. We are waiting for feedback from a Pro who is supposed to calibrate his brothers S64.
I won the auction for my 50S64 and will get it today or tomorrow...620usd shipped. not bad! New in open box with factory film on the screen still. From a liquidator. Costco is about done with the limited run of S64 sets which have an AR "louver" coating to better display the sets in harsh warehouse lighting. The S60 screens dont have the AR louvers and are like mirrors in bright light.