Oh MY!

by bosundave - 8/23/13 8:05 PM

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This thread isnt that old. I wrote an EMAIL to David Katzmaier the OP of this thread...who BTW is a SENIOR EDITOR with CNET. I think its out of line to call his post BS.

I AM concerned with what I should do with MY S64 series of 50 inch Panasonic. It is supposed to be identical)AFAIK) to the S60 series. Panasonic built thse sets specifically for Costco and Sams ONLY. They were an incredible deal since they have the ST60 series anti reflective technology(called Infinite Black) for the SAME or less price as the S60 series.

I did not see the Panasonic TC-P50S64 listed in the "Related Products" section of David's post.
Should we be using settings for 50 inch ST60 series or something unique? There are quite a few of the 64's out there with NO SUPPORT for this sort of thing(Optimum Settings).

David, I hope you read my email and or see this thread I linked to you. We S64 guys would LOVE some support and ANSWERS. Will i casue catastrophic failure by doing what the fellow who posted before me did?