Managed to disassemble Thanks

by therevd - 8/22/13 9:38 PM

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Hello Mark and others,
I bit the bullet so to speak and emboldened by the pictures that have been posted, I (carefully) used a steel ruler to remove the front plate. I am a little concerned that when I put it back, it will still look cosmetically okay, that the plastic will still stay on and that a tight enough seal will be possible so that the acoustics will not be adversely affected - see earlier posts.
There must be a kind of glue / sealant available that will help with the above issues - any advice?
I googled the part number from the removed battery and ordered one from eBay. All the batteries available looked much the same. Ideally, I would have preferred to buy one that cost a little more, if only to not have to repeat the replacement process so soon.
Hopefully, when the battery arrives and everything is put back together and charged up, it should work.
I will try to remember to update and let others know how successful things went.
It would have been better to have the replacement battery ready before I took it apart.
For anyone who wants to know the part number, here it is: NTA2479.
It is a GP Li-Ion battery, 3.7 V, 2150mAh