I just had the worst time of my life dealing with Samsung's ridiculous customer service. I had spent a massive $1500 on a Ultrabook thinking it would last me for a good couple of years. but before I knew it, the keyboard started breaking down (not clicking right and one key actually broke off) and my touch pad became glitchy . So I decided to send it in for repair while I still had the warranty, thinking Samsung would swiftly fix the problems considering how much money I had spent on this stupid laptop. BUTTTT they returned the laptop without repair with the typical cheap claim that water damage had voided the warranty. Now I am not even going to get into how I don't even know what the hell the water damage is all about and how keyboard mechanical problems has nothing to do with water damage anyways , but after I got my laptop back I tried turning it on but the windows didn't load anymore and got stuck in the bios screen. So I call them to see why this has happened, and after 3hrs of waiting on the phone, the guy has nerves to tell me that the water damage is the why my windows has suddenly stopped working. I spent 30 minutes explaining to this idiot that my windows was perfectly fine until I sent it for repair and there is no way that by coincidence the windows stopped working because of water damage right after it was sent in for repair. But they refused to take responsibly and blamed everything on the 'water damage'. I don't know what kinda of retarded technicians Samsung hires to inspect laptops, BUT THESE CLOWNS NOT ONLY DIDN'T FIX MY LAPTOP , THEY JUST MADE IT WORSE . Now I am left with a 1500 laptop that doesn't work ONLY AFTER LESS THAN A YEAR with all my important files that I don't know how to recover . THANKS SAMSUNG !