what are you talking about?

by dhinged - 8/3/13 8:41 AM

In Reply to: A soundbar can add a whole other set of issues by Pepe7

What do you mean by traditional speakers? AV receiver? I bought the speakers at Best Buy... they're not traditional? So it's the speaker's fault that only Netflix and Hulu have the problem and it's exactly the same problem? Do you understand what you're saying here? Why is everybody pointing at everything but what appears to be the problem?

Netflix and Hulu speech is too quiet while the loud stuff is too loud. Period. It doesn't matter what screen or speakers I use. They are different than YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, ABC News, KSL, CNN video, etc etc etc, Winamp, iTunes, Windows Media Player... what is so hard to understand about this? I've tried everything. What I was looking for was some fix on Netflix and Hulu that I'm not seeing, but apparently everyone's in denial that these two sites have a problem. I am done following this post as everyone is blaming everything else but the problem.