Seiki updates from a week of Hair Pulling

by p65browne - 8/3/13 6:35 AM

In Reply to: Seiki SE50UY04 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

You can follow my agony for the last week since purchasing and receiving the Seiki 50" 4K, at the AVS Official Seiki Forum.
Summing up the following findings were found:
Do NOT calibrate Brightness past 48 - it moves the Blacks towards Red, and triggers a Background light composed of Reds and Dark Blues. I set Brightness at 48, and then do the best I can with the Contrast, then reset the Backlight to bring it to a reading of 40fL.
HDMI 3 has issues that Seiki is working on. (Made my first calibrating mistake by using it. Now use 1 or 2)
Greyscale issue at 20, and somewhat at 10. Once the 2 Point is setup, then usually 30 to 100 are below the 3 line.
Main Menu Settings on my set: Contrast: 52, Brightness: 48, Colour: 39, Warm, Sharpness: 0, Backlight 40. (Going over 60 on BL will also cause issues.) Noise Reduction and DLC: Off
Service Menu settings: Red Gain: 141, Green Gain: 141, Blue Gain: 116
Red Offset: 520, Green Offset: 510, Blue Offset: 510
Working with Seiki re the Greyscale issues, and have requested a fix for the `Off the Chart' Cyan issue.
Also will see if they can improve upon the failing results in S&M 2 Video Processing Motion tests.
ChadB also pointed me in the Direction of Calman's Colour Matching feature which I applied to the Seiki last night. (Will also see if it helps some of my older LG 55LHX issues.)
This set is starting to really look good! Anyways, my 2 cents worth.
PS. Wishful thinking - Local Dimming