by BartMaster1234 - 7/30/13 4:58 PM

In Reply to: A couple more questions, then... by boya84

1) Which mic (manufacturer and model)?
• I've decided that I'll just stick with a simple RODE Videomic. My XLR microphones use DSLR energy. It's fine, a simple RODE can get the job done.

5) Sounds good.

7) The ProAm® DVC-210 Camera Crane is rated to carry 10 pounds.
• My bad, I use 2 ProAm Cranes, I always mix them up. I meant to say I use an HD750. It's rated for 30 pounds. Both my 250 and 750 are mounted on a speaker like Tripod stand that ProAm supplied with the cranes. It's rated for their cranes.