I see good replies above

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 7/30/13 3:47 PM

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But some of the items are MIA. Some are only in higher priced models and my thought is that what I read with that search came very close PLUS I see new models I didn't see at the last trade show.

How about this. Make a direct call to Sony, Samsung and other makers and talk to them about this. For example the CNET Samsung forum has this super Samsung Ambassador and while they don't make the prosumer model, well, I could be very wrong.

My background includes some HD CCTV DVR work so some of the remote control you ask for is what we've done but an indie producer might be floored by the price.

Also, what do you use now or in school?
And in closing, my son took the film school route, graduated and does not use much more than the usual to get the job done.

However he learned from school and from me about not worrying about audio in the camcorder. His setup is mics and another recorder and mixing it in post. It's fun to read about folk that get hung up on audio in the camcorder as I got to see my son learn the hard way.