A couple more questions, then...

by boya84 - 7/30/13 3:29 PM

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and some observations...

1) Which mic (manufacturer and model)? Is Phantom Power do-able or only hot-shoe supplied power? Can the mic be replaced? I did a search for "hot shoe mic" and the only ones I found that required a hot-shoe were manufacturer-proprietary mics... i.e., Sony makes AIS-mount mics for Sony certain consumer camcorders, Canon makes MAS mics for certain Canon consumer camcorders and Fuji makes mics for certain FujiFilm cameras - but these mics can be used with other manufacturer's equipment. I found an MXL mic that says it mounts to a hot shoe - but it does not draw power from the shoe (AAA battery inside). I found a Samsung hot shoe mic powered by the hot shoe - for specific Samsung cameras...

2) OK.
3) OK.
4) OK.

5) I looked through the Sony alpha series dSLRs - none had "dual battery wells". Can you provide a model number so I can understand what you mean? Assuming we get to a camcorder, most of the manufacturers have different sizes and power ratings of batteries available. I use optional Sony NP-F970 batteries in my HDR-FX1 and HDR-FX1000. The NP-F970 can provide nearly 6 hours of work time for these camcorders. If I think if the job is longer than that, then either additional rechargeable batteries are carried or power is run. I am not aware of any "dual battery well" camcorders at the consumer, prosumer or pro-grade levels from any manufacturer. If you are on a crane, then a small battery pack on the tripod and a cable to the camcorder would work well. If portability is required, then carry an extra battery.

6) OK.

7) Um... OK. The ProAm® DVC-210 Camera Crane is rated to carry 10 pounds. You may have run more weight - the "Lifetime warranty" is void when the crane fails. The stress cracks will be the proof that it was carrying too much weight. (I sincerely hope you don't have problems.)
(I use a Kessler KC-8 kit and spend the extra $ specifically for the weight rating).
We don't know what your DVC-210 is mounted on - it has a weight rating, too...

8) All consumer *camcorders* starting at about $300 all the way up through prosumers (and above) have built-in stereo mics. The only mono-mic cameras I am aware of that can capture video are point&shoot consumer cams and dSLRs (low & mid range - some are starting to do built-in stereo, now). This is because video (hence, audio) is a "convenience feature". You are right, prosumer camcorders with a mic jack have the single stereo 1/8" (3.5mm) audio input, not XLR. XLR is usually found only in the pro-grade camcorders (there are a couple of exceptions).

The Sony HVR-Z5 - when coupled with a Sony HVR-MRC1K - has everything except it records 1080i (not 1080p) and uses the HVR-MRC1 Memory Recording Unit (CompactFlash not SD) and no hot shoe... It is outside your budget and in Sony's pro line, so not a prosumer. The HDR-FX1 or HDR-FX1000 may fit and were/are part of Sony's consumer line. Sony can tell you if the HVR-MRC1 will work with them. The HDR-AX2000 does SD flash memory (but may be outside your budget).

The Panasonic AG-AC90 is worth a look (though smaller lens diameter and smaller 3MOS imaging sensor than the above so not as good under low light conditions)... but still no hot shoe.

I agree with Bob on the external audio recording... I like the Zoom H4n and Fostex FR2-LE.