by BartMaster1234 - 7/30/13 11:41 AM

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1) What is the hot shoe going to be used for?
• I have a Microphone that does not have internal power, and requires the Hot-Shoe to power it.

2) There is nothing under $2,000 with XLR audio inputs. If we stay with a 1/8" stereo audio input and augment that with an XLR adapter (juicedLink, BeachTek or separate audio recording system), is that OK?. Also, in the top requirements list, "Microphone Input (XLR/Standard Input)". But in the bottom you indicate XLR inputs are preferred but not required. What is "Standard Input" mean relative to audio inputs?
• What I mean is the normal 1/8 Stereo Inputs found on most Consumer Microphones.

3) Most camcorders that capture video to flash memory cards do not have firewire. It is not necessary. Can you explain why firewire is a requirement?
• I made a slight mistake, I meant to put Firewire in the preferred section. I was going to use a Firewire to connect the camera to my MacBook, but come to think of it, I don't really need it at all.

4) I am not aware of any new "camcorder" under $2,000 that has a LANC port.
• I just need a camera that can perform Remote Zoom, or any kind of Power Zoom.

From the "preferred but not required" list:
5) Dual battery inputs? If cables are being run for LANC, is it OK to run a power cable, too? Or a battery plate that plugs into the camcorder's DC-input? Or do you mean that the camera needs to have two battery wells for internal batteries? I've not heard of that.
• My Bad, I meant dual Battery Wells. Most of Sony's high end Prosumer cameras have dual battery wells. I do a lot of field shooting, and it can take the whole day, so I need a strong battery system.

6) Internal memory? One of the requirements was SD memory. What would the internal memory be used for? Generally, switching from internal memory to SD memory means touching the camcorder's options menu - which can be a challenge at the far end of a camera crane.
• You can disregard the internal memory, a large SD card will handle it just fine.

And a couple of questions...

Which camera crane? All are weight rated and while I doubt we'll find a camera in your price range that will exceed the weight ratings of a decent crane, I'd just like to be sure. And the camera crane will be mounted to what? Are mics, lights, wireless receivers, shock mounts or other items expected to be on the crane, too?
• I use a ProAm® DVC-210 Camera Crane. It can handle 20-30 pound Cameras just fine. I've used some fairly large, and heavy broadcasting cameras at some shoots, and it handles just fine, so it should not be any issue.

The "interchangeable lens" requirement is an odd one, but can be used to quickly filter.
• I have several Nikon, and Canon lenses that I've seen could fit some Prosumer cameras via an Adapter, but it really isn't that needed. I just need a simple camera that can record in HD, SD Compatible, Power Zoom, Hot Shoes, and Stereo Mic. Inputs.

The Canon EOS C100 Cinema Cam has XLR audio inputs, no firewire, no component video out, does not do 720p (but your video editor or other transcoder can easily take care of this externally), has a LANC but whether it can control the focus or zoom is unknown and likely depends on the lens. The body-only configuration is more than 2x your stated budget so adding lenses takes this well out of reach.
• It would be nice, although I can't find any EOS Cinema Cameras used, in my price range.

• Just to clarify: I just need a simple Prosumer video camera, that can record in High Definition, SD Compatible, has at least 1 Hot Shoe, has Stereo Mic. Inputs, and can be power zoomed. Let me raise the budget a little, Oh say to about $3,000? I can always find the camera used, I've seen used prosumer cameras go up to 50% off.

-Thanks for your help, It's much appreciated.