Brightness Settings Too Low

by atx389 - 7/23/13 6:15 PM

In Reply to: Panasonic TC-P55ST60 picture settings by katzmaier CNET staff

I've researched the best calibration settings for the st60 and all of them indicate that brightness should be at or near zero.

My problem with that is you lose lots of detail in the dark scenes. Using a popular movie example, take Voldemort's attack on Hogwarts. If you increase the brightness to around 20 or 25, you can see the outline of the castle. At zero, all you see is the light behind the castle windows. Everything else is just about pitch black.

I first suspected that videophile settings, at least for brightness, were suspect when I saw an episode of the tv show Hannibal on my old 2007 Bravia LCD, that was set to expert-recommended settings. There was a dark scene where a demon should have appeared in the darkness, but my Bravia did not pick it up. The ST60 picked it up on default settings, before I calibrated.

Since then, I have been paying much greater attention to how not jacking up the brightness results in loss of detail.

Am I the only one that is noticing this? I've scoured the web and I seem to be the only person with issues with experts and their take on brightness settings.