Thanks Snapshot2

by mopscare42 - 7/21/13 3:39 PM

In Reply to: L810 -L820 by snapshot2 Moderator

Thanks very much for the info and links.
That P330 looks more of what I was looking for instead of the L series and is still in my price range.
The 12 MP is a plus as well as the f1.8.
It doesn't have near as much zoom, but the lens I use most on my 40D is a 17-70mm so really don't need any more.
My son is stationed in Monterey CA and I will going down to visit him so lots off photo ops coming up.
My 40D is getting a little old and I see the new 70D will be released Sept.15th so maybe taking 2 new cameras on that trip......That is if I can sell the 40D body.
Thanks again!