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by snapshot2 Moderator - 7/21/13 1:17 PM

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The Achilles heel of any small point and shoot camera is poor low light performance.

There are a few differences between the two cameras but nothing that will be of much use to you.
The Nikon L series of cameras is a run of the mill camera, nothing outstanding.

Here are the differences:

Note : the L820 has GPS, and CMOS sensor (that sensor gives you faster burst mode) and a tiny improvement in low light operation (tiny).

For a vast improvement take a look at the P330.
The P series costs about twice the L series.

The P330 also uses CMOS sensor but it is a bigger sensor, and it is only 12 megapixels.
Yes, less megapixels (12MP) is better than 16MP.
It also has a brighter lens.
All of that makes it perform better in low light.
Not as good as a DSLR camera because the DSLR camera has a huge sensor (as compired to a point & shoot camera) relative small sensor.