Using A Laptop

by Topvid - 7/18/13 6:49 PM

In Reply to: Sony HDR-CX290 with Goflex Satellite HDD and iPad by Topvid

Hey Bob you keep trying to convince me to take my Laptop haha. Since I got my iPad I hate laptops, especially when traveling. It's just a pain wheeling a laptop through airports and airlines charge for every ounce these days.

Laptops take forever to turn on, always want to update everything, subject to lots of spam ware, malware, virus's etc. I hate them! I need one for work but I've made it my goal to be able to do everything on my iPad and at the moment I only need to use my laptop about 2 or 3 times a month. And thank goodness!

The GoFlex is available for $114 on Amazon and I already have my iPad. According to this guy-

He has successfully partitioned a GoFlex Satellite, but its not clear if the wifi feature still worked after he messed with it.

I have an old external HDD so I'm going to format that to FAT32 and take it with my iPad to the tournament and order the GoFlex and Camcorder off Amazon for delivery to the hotel (I don't live in the USA) and go for it.

I'll report back on the results. Worse case scenario is I have to reset the GoFlex back to factory default format and use it for my iPad and carry a second FAT32 HDD for my camcorder on trips and I won't be able to edit and upload video to my blog during my trip. Which probably isn't a bad thing because why spend evenings editing video in a hotel room instead of going out exploring!

Thank again.