Maybe GoFlex can be formatted to FAT32

by Topvid - 7/18/13 12:11 PM

In Reply to: Parting advice. by R. Proffitt Moderator

I found in FAQ for GoFlex the following -

Can I reformat my drive to HFS+ or FAT32?
Yes, please see Document ID 219931.

And the document is -

I don't own an Apple computer but if I understand correctly if I find someone with an Apple computer and reformat the a goflex using these instructions it will become a FAT32 HDD and still have the wifi function.

In which case the Sony Direct copy will work to copy the files to the GoFlex HDD, the GoFlex will connect to the iPad via WiFi and the Video Converter App will be able to receive and convert the file into an iPad friendly for viewing and or editing.

Which would mean that my original plan can work if I find someone with a Mac to reformat the GoFlex HDD.

What do you think?