1997 Stalling Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

I have done everything that you have mentioned you all have done. After a year and a half and 1,000's of dollars of rental cars and work on the jeep I am no better off today than I was. I just brought it home yet again. It ran fine getting home from the repair shop but as I sat idling in the driveway it died. I was able to re-start it but.........I have had it since December 2010 and bought it from the original owner minus 6 months. They had given it to their son in law in the previous 6 months and he installed a AM/FM CD player. Also a non-factory alarm system. Now, I have heard through jeepforum.com that these two things can wreak havoc with the wiring. So on its last (and I MEAN last) trip to auto repair I called them and told them to disconnect the radio and uninstall the alarm. Apparently it did not matter because as I said, I was idling in the driveway and it died. The only thing left is the fuel filter/fuel pump however when I am cranking it to get it started there is no smell of gas at all. This morning I wrote an email though the Jeep site and also to our local Jeep dealer here in College Station, TX. I too am broke, miss work (I am a travel nurse), should own stock in Hertz Rental cars and baffled. If you find out anything, please let me know and I will do the same.