AVCHD app available on iPad

by Topvid - 7/18/13 9:00 AM

In Reply to: PS. Looked at the video encoding. AVCHD. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Many thanks for your thoughtful ideas and help.

The app is available for the iPad and I have read what it does.i can see that it can be a useful app but I'm not clear yet on the 'full' solution and how all the parts will fit together.

I have looked at Kingston Wi-Drive before, if I rem,ever correctly this is a solid state drive and has a much lower capacity as well as being more expensive. I'm not sure that would be suitable for my application.

If I don't find a better solution then I will need to store the video onto a FAT32 external drive and replay through the camcorder whilst away as you suggest but then I would need to consider another external drive for my iPad and I would not be able to share my video until I return home.

Maybe I should more clearly describe how I want to use all the hardware so you can see what I'm trying to achieve.

My son is taking part in a soccer tournament and I want to record the games in the highest quality possible on the camcorder so I can edit a DVD quality video of the image. This means I will record a lot of space intensive video in a short space of time.

It would be nice to be able to watch the games whilst at the tournament so the team can see how they did and just for enjoyment.

In addition it would be great if I could easily make some basic edits so I can upload some short clips onto my password protected Wordpress blog so my parents and other family can see some short clips of the tournament whilst we are there.

As you know iPads have limited storage space and if the external HDD worked with my iPad toothat would open up the possibility of better editing because I will have access to editing apps and a bigger screen to see what I am doing and also opens up the possibility of storing movies etc that can then be viewed on or via the iPad.

At present I only have an iPad 2 16GB, I will upgrade this to an iPad 4 32GB sometime this year but not for this tournament and that is still a small amount of space when you consider that I could have 32gb of recording per day that I want to be able to stream of create short highlights from.

So, in summary, the two track approach is fairly clear to me and is my last resort option but it seems to me that a solution that enables all three devices to work together would be a preferable and logical objective to aspire to not only from a personal point of view but also for many people.

I think the AVCHD App was a missing piece in my jigsaw that you've identified for me but it seems to me that I still need a HDD that both the camcorder and iPad can communicate with.