OK. In that case, you are doing it wrong

by Pepe7 - 7/16/13 9:55 PM

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You ideally should not be sending audio output from the HDTV back to any audio system, with perhaps the exception of something you are streaming from one of the built in HDTV apps. Discounting that for now though, if you have an HD STB, then you should be connecting that to the receiver via an HDMI cable, or, HDMI to the Samsung, and either digital optical or digital coaxial to whatever AV receiver (or all-in-one Receiver/DVD/Blu Ray player unit) you choose.

My personal preference would be to buy separates. In other words, AV receiver & 5.1 speakers/sub. While the Integra model recommended is nice, it may be overkill for your needs. Although places like Amazon do ship to Asia, I would first look online in India to see who you can buy from locally and post back here some of the models you see there so we can recommend something specific from what you have in stock there. Pioneer, Onkyo, Denon, Sony, Marantz would all suffice (among other AV receiver brands). If you really need to be able to play back MKV files though, look into a media streamer such as a WDTV live, or use a laptop/PC where you can guarantee/choose software that can effectively handle the playback duties, and send it along to your AV receiver/system. Generally speaking, the all-in-one HT systems (like what you have now) aren't so adept at playing back a huge variety of file types. YMMV.

If you have questions feel free to ask- for clarifications too.