Whole house is the only approach

by mjd420nova - 7/15/13 2:06 PM

In Reply to: Devices are Different by w_tom

The difference in possible potential between a "ground" at the outlet and the "ground" brought in with your power from the pole(or underground) can be up to the full power potential and posibly even before any breaker or fuse.. I have had to use a ground buss, 3 inch nickel plated flat copper braid. It's 20 feet long with an 8 foot copper clad steel stake at each end. One is at the 440 volt 3 phase entry and the other at the cable, phone and 220 volt power entry point. Whole home ground fault is the standard for new homes now, not just in the kitchen or bathroom. The entire idea of protection begins before the event can even enter the home. Not always workable but devices when properly installed will route any surges to ground before it can reach the distribution panels. Besides the surge protection on power leads, coax and phone lines need proper lightning arrestors installed. Every condition cannot be anticipated and isolation can be the best and without proper grounding from the incoming lines to the individual outlet you just create a loop that can be induced, even through ground.