We completely understand your concern

I completely understand your concern and its bad to hear for such a trusted

But you can not blame CNET for that as in the "Download Now" button there is
a small information which reads the following -

The Download.com Installer is a tiny ad-supported stub installer or
"download manager" that helps securely deliver your downloads from
Download.com's servers. Our testing has shown that as many as half of all
people who initiate a download fail to complete the download and install
their software. The Download.com Installer improves the process by walking
you through the steps of your download and enabling you to easily find and
execute your software's installer. For more information, read the FAQ.

Moreover while installing using the CNET Installer you get the options to
uncheck the additional software, therefore you can not blame CNET for the

Note that I am not posting on behalf of CNET.