Devices are Different

by w_tom - 7/15/13 4:57 AM

In Reply to: Oops. by gordon451

Phone line and cable TV already have superior protection installed for free. As required by code and other standards. Apparently the concept is extremely difficult to grasp. Where do hundreds of thousands of joules dissipate?

No protector does protection. A 'wall socket' protector does not even claim to protect from typically destructive transients. It cannot. Where do hundreds of thousands of joules dissipate? That question must always be answered with each recommendation. Where do hundreds of thousands of joules dissipate with a 'wall socket' protector? The answer says why 'whole house' and 'wall socket' devices are completely different devices.

A recent post entitled "Most Important" says this. And still many do not grasp it. Protectors do not do protection. Protectors either act like a wire - to connect low impedance to earth. Or that protector does not claim to protect from a typically destructive transients. A major difference between 'wall socket' devices and the 'whole house' protector. "Wall socket" protectors do not claim and cannot possibly dissipate hundreds of thousands of joules. "Wall socket" devices do not have an earth ground.

Why not connected to earth? No 'less than 10 foot' connection. Wires have sharp bends and splices. Wires bundled with other non-grounding wires. 'Wall socket' protector is not earthed for a very long list of reasons. Starting with a critical one. No low impedance connection. A previous post entitled "Most Important" discusses this.

Cable TV already has a best possible protection. A wire that connects low impedance (ie 'less than 10 foot') to single point earth ground. Telephone already does same using a 'whole house' protector. Both assume the homeowner has a single point ground - a major point made repeatedly.

Most common source of damage are wires that enter without earthing - AC electric. Best protection is a 'whole house' protector connected low impedance to what actually absorbs hundreds of thousands of joules. What does not exist using 'wall socket' protectors? Single point earth ground is why a 'whole house' protector does (according to the IEEE) is 99.5% to 99.9% of the protection.