by gordon451 - 7/15/13 12:38 AM

In Reply to: Whole house surge protectors by C-Little

...a "whole house" protection is probably what you need.

My previous dealt with "wall socket" or "single point" protection, which is not to be lightly dismissed. However, on reading your thankyou note, and re-reading your original post, I came to the conclusion you would be better served by a "Whole House" solution.

In essence, there is no difference between "Whole Hose" and "Wall Socket", just the scale. For you, most importantly, the "Whole House" sits between your house and the power company. The innards are pretty well the same, just bigger.

I would also recommend an Uninteruptible Power Supply, which will allow your computers and other mission-critical devices to shut down gracefully in the worst case, and in some cases continue working as if nothing had happened.

But, I must repeat: there is no protection against a direct hit. Only exit holes where the blue smoke escaped.