Whole house surge protectors

by C-Little - 7/14/13 4:55 PM

In Reply to: Properly sized protector by w_tom

Pepe, Tom, Gordon, and others ....

Thank you so much for your replies!

Now I feel more educated about "whole house surge protectors", what to look for, what to have done, etc..

I live not far from the Great Lakes so during winter we can get some violent ice storms that knock out power lines every causing severe power surges (last winter the utility lines between the telephone poles behind my house caught fire one surge of electricity was so strong). Then other times of year we can have some very violent storms. The utility companies come from across the Midwest to help out so it is like "triage", so when power is restored we also get major power surges .... that was how all the wiring in my neighbors house melted then began smoking, as well as caused electrical damage to electronics in many homes.

Since my background is NOT electronics, I am trying to protect all electronics but mainly my children and family from power surges since I can not always be home to protect them. ;>)

Once again, thanks for all the replies and helpful advice.