I am so sorry...

by gordon451 - 7/12/13 8:15 PM

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...for the abuse you have suffered on this thread.

I'm in Australia, so some of the following may not be available in your town.

My entertainment section is protected by a Crest 8-way powerboard, which came with a Au$150,000 equipment warranty in 2008, cost Au$110. My computer desk is protected by an antique Liebert Accusurge 4-way, new in Y2K.

OK, now the gory details and rationale.
1. If your house/office is hit by lightning, nothing will save you.
2. These devices are to armour you from distant hits on your power, phone and antenna. Excluding the antenna, "distant" means at least 500 meters. The Crest comes standard with a "Gas Tube" surge arrestor on the coax input, which is the fastest and most reliable method as of 2008, probably even now.
3. For a comprehensive discussion on surge arrestors, do a search in the Whirlpool Forums. Again, this is an Australian forum, so things US may not necessarily apply. However:
4. You should use the shortest connection possible, but as long as the powerpoint you use has a direct earth connection the system will work.
5. "w_tom" below makes it all sound terribly complicated. It's not. Your surge protector sits between the equipment and the powerpoint. It is not necessary for the equipment to have earthed plugs. It is absolutely essential that the surge protector does have an earthed plug, and the power point (wall socket) must also be earthed.
6. Look for protectors that have wide separation between sockets, to accomodate AC adaptors.
7. Do NOT use sacrificial "protectors". Those abominations are designed to suck your pocket dry. Real surge protectors may well die while doing their job, but most times all they need is a reset.

So, some of the specs on the Crest:
Clamping Voltage: 710V
Max energy, Full protection: H-N, 861J; H-G, 1722J; N-G, 3444J
Max Current: Full type: 36KA, 72KA, 144KA
Max Spike Voltage: 6KV
Response Time: <1nSec

Ah yes. Disclaimer. I derive no benefit from sale or promotion of either the Crest or the Liebert protectors, nor am I affiliated with either company in any way.

Again, my deepest sorries for your treatment on this forum.