hmmm. I read the manual:

by boya84 - 7/12/13 9:39 PM

In Reply to: Need remote control with Pause for Sony 220 by kra777

Things that came in the box with the camcorder when new: Page 35. No wireless remote.

Did a search using "remote" in the pdf: 7 hits all associated with using the Sony TV's "Remote Commander" wireles remote to control the camcorder when connected to a Sony Bravia TV for playback only.

This camcorder has no capability to deal with a remote.

Most camcorders don't pause. Start/stop = file. To combine the files, get the captured video into a computer and edit with an AVCHD-capable video editor. Export/render the file...

Contrast this with camcorders that have remote capabilities:

This one uses a smartphone over wifi for the remote
(note: no pause)

This one comes with a wireless infrared remote:
Page 33.

The CX220 (or PJ220) does not have wifi and does not have an infrared receiver to use the Sony Remote Commander in the way you require.