What defines Protection

by w_tom - 7/11/13 8:20 PM

In Reply to: Appreciate the reply by C-Little

Important parameter for a protector is at least 50,000 amps and its earth ground wire. Not a brand name. However manufacturers known for superior integrity were already listed.

Protector life expectancy "over many surges" is defined by a 50,000 amps number.

Protection "during each surge" is defined by the quality of and connection to single point earth ground.

A protector is only a connecting device; similar to a wire. Worrying about a protector and not its earth ground is misguided. A protector is only as effective as its earth ground. Instead, ask extensively about what defines protection. Not a protector. Protection is defined by what absorbs hundreds of thousands of joules. The 'art' of protection is earth ground.

That box - the protector - is defined mostly by an earth ground - that only a homeowner is responsible for installing and maintaining.