Appreciate the reply

by C-Little - 7/11/13 11:57 AM

In Reply to: To C-Little by Pepe7

I sincerely appreciate your replies regarding "whole house surge protectors".

That is the route I originally wanted to utilize!

There are multiple reasons why. Just one of which from my analyses the past month from a cost benefit perspective it is more cost effective than buying individual high quality surge protectors for all appliances, TV's, stereo systems, electric garage door openers, etc..

Another benefit as you well know, is you do not have to think about checking numerous/multiple surge protectors around the house, less wires everywhere, etc. ... since the surge protection is provided from ONE main unit when using a whole house surge protector.

Are there any specific brands of "whole house surge protectors" that you would recommend over others as far as overall quality is concerned? That way I can do my research on them before contacting a different certified electrician.