Thanks Tom

by C-Little - 7/11/13 10:07 AM

In Reply to: Relevant Electrical Concepts by w_tom

Tom, thank you for your reply.

The reason I contacted a certified electrician back in June who is an electrical contractor, is in early 2013 the television show "This Old House" mentioned about whole house surge protectors. If I recall the episode was called the "Cambridge Project".

What I was doing was hoping to attain their professional opinion as well as get an estimate of having a whole house surge protector installed. The electrician did not even give me an estimate for a whole house which I really wanted installed, but instead told me to buy power strips.

Now everyone knows why I am asking about surge protectors, because if I go that route I want high quality to protect thousands of dollars of electrical items and computers.


As far as your comment about telephone lines my experience was different. One of the house phones is a landline for local and emergency calls. The power surge I mentioned above on this thread that melted the wiring in my neighbors house, as well as fried the modem in my wireless gateway .... also knocked my telephone service out for over 2 weeks until AT&T finally figured out the problem after 3 service calls..

What happened is the filters on the phone line where it enters my house got blown. You know the phone box on the side of houses where the interior lines connect to the exterior lines ... all the filters inside that box were blown according to AT&T.

It was a major power surge caused by our electrical company when they restored power after an ice storm that damaged dozens of homes.