by w_tom - 7/11/13 9:13 AM

In Reply to: High quality surge protector advice needed by C-Little

> Newer homes have full house protection with a ground fault interupter that can react faster than a suppressor.

Add something that must exist in every reply. The numbers. Ground fault interrupters are a switch that takes milliseconds to open. A surge does damage in microseconds. Numbers that must be known to make a recommendation.

A millimeter gap in that GFCI will stop what three miles of sky could not? More numbers that expose a GFCI limitation.

Of course, if a GFCI does that protection, then manufacturer spec numbers define protection. Manufacturer makes no such claims. A third problem.

GFCI is for human safety. The OP is asking about something completely different - transistor safety. Nothing stops a transient that damaged transistors. Any device that claims to stop a surge is for transients that typicaly cause no damage. Transients that are already made irrelevant by what already exists inside appliances.

Does not matter if receptacles are two wire or three. 'Whole house' protection means better protection for both newer and older (ie 1930 wired) homes. Safety ground in a receptacle is irrelevant. Critical is single point earth ground. Another (and different) ground.