Stop thinking like a corporate drone for five seconds

by Pepe7 - 7/11/13 7:45 AM

In Reply to: High quality surge protector advice needed by C-Little

I suggest you take off the blinders and re-read what w-tom posted above. This will shed some light on why your line of reasoning is not correct. You need a different level of protection than your current understanding of the topic has grasped thus far. Surge protectors won't solve your issue.

(And to be honest, a conversation with a simple electrician would likely be more fruitful than asking at a very general forum such as these on CNET.)

And as an aside, why don't you have a cellular internet plan (e.g. tethering) as a backup for when your broadband goes down(?) All of my high powered corporate-type friends have that in place for when their infrastructure craps out a couple times per year (LOL).