High quality surge protector advice needed

Thanks Bob, that is little closer to the type of advice I am seeking regard high quality surge protectors.

As I posted at the top of this thread .... one of the surge protectors will be connected to my internet TV, DVR, internet connection, AT&T gateway, AT&T U-verse connections, and stereo system (a living room entertainment center).

It will also be mounted on the wall behind a large Drexel Heritage armoire that holds part of the living room entertainment center. As a result, I would like to find a high quality surge protector that also has an "audible alarm" in case the surge protector goes out while I am not home in order to hopefully protect/alert my children. From what I found at Tripp Lite's website they DO NOT have a high quality surge protector with an audible alarm, they only have those in their lower quality models.

Additionally, it will have to have connections for a internet AT&T 2Wire internet connection. One of the reasons why is last winter my AT&T 2Wire gateway got fried due to a power surge. I ended up being without internet connection for 3 days and being a financial professional I can not be without internet connection at my residence for that long so would like to have the surge protector also have internet connections to provide more protection for the AT&T 2Wire gateway.

That is why I want to find at least ONE high quality surge protector that hopefully has both an audible alarm as well as provides more protection for my internet connections (the wireless gateway). I am also looking at the total Joules ratings as a part of my purchase decision.