High quality surge protector advice needed

by C-Little - 7/10/13 10:33 PM

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Appreciate the reply, but article does not mention anywhere about specific surge protectors Joules ratings, model numbers, etc..

It is merely an article about a company that "on-shored" operations as many corporations have done in recent years. Multiple corporations have on-shored operations for reasons of quality control, increasing labor costs overseas, theft of proprietary information, as well as increased shipping costs from foreign countries.

There are multiple corporations that have on-shored operations due to increased shipping costs across the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. One of the reasons why is due to petroleum prices rising thereby resulting in a corresponding increase in shipping costs, as well as for supply chain management purposes. What several large corporations who have on-shored jobs plan on doing is only leaving manufacturing operations in Asia for sales to their Asian customers.

Again what I am sincerely seeking is advice from those who can provide recommendations as far as quality, total surge protection, regarding high quality surge protector manufacturers. If so please reply.