High quality surge protector

by C-Little - 7/10/13 4:58 PM

In Reply to: What made you think to add these? by R. Proffitt Moderator

Another reason I am looking for high quality surge protectors, is all to often you hear/read about cheaper quality surge protectors (often like those sold at Big Box Stores) malfunctioning, the plastic type melting, or not providing protection after a good power surge.

As a result, they have to be replaced if you want to protect all your electronic items and computers.

As stated above these provide more Joules than most surge protectors sold at Big Box stores, and have a lifetime guarantee so if they ever stop working they will send you a new one for free. In the long run that is a lot cheaper than having to buy new surge protectors.

Bob, as far as your question "if said power lines did soar that often wouldn't your light bulbs blow out first?" My answer to that is no. In there past 4 years my neighborhood has been hit by several strong power surges. The last one caused by our utility company was strong enough to melt the wiring in my neighbors house .... none of my neighbors light bulbs blew out yet the electrical lines inside their housed were melted and were smoking.