High quality surge protectors

by C-Little - 7/10/13 4:25 PM

In Reply to: What made you think to add these? by R. Proffitt Moderator

The reason I am looking for high quality surge protectors is I live in an area prone to power surges due to our local electric company, as well as power surges related to winter weather. Also, I do not want any of the junk sold by Big Box stores.
Example, the second one shown above has a 3840 joule
rating plus a built in circuit breaker, and gives $500,000 of insurance protection ..... most surge protectors sold by big
box store provide much less of protection in terms of joules and warranties.

All of the surge protectors I posted above by Tripp Lite provide well over 3,000 joules of protection .... plus most have a lifetime guarantee, if they ever stop working they will send you a new one for free. Additionally it is a lot cheaper than replacing your surge protectors every 10 years.