In reverse order.

by R. Proffitt Moderator - 7/10/13 7:58 AM

In Reply to: speaker distance by roettcher

The USB is electrically the same, uses the same transport system but as you know in PCs we have drivers to use the device. Since a TV is not a PC you can't add support for most USB things like what you asked for. This seems to get some folk upset that an USB WiFi dongle can only be the one from the maker. Why? Because they wrote the code to support this or that dongle.

As to the word -> simple <- I must write this is not simple enough for some. While there are Bluetooth audio senders that should pair I wonder if you would put up with having to figure out how to get the analog audio to the sender even if you had to convert from optical to analog to go to the Bluetooth sender?

This is why, in your case you may want to have a service come in and set it up for you. Then you would not have to deal with it not being simple.