Becoming a very common question

by mjd420nova - 7/8/13 1:22 PM

In Reply to: VHS to DVD equipment/hardware by nameless-1

I have used two different composite video capture cards in a PC and transposed 250 hours of VHS tapes. I've tried a USB device and transposed another 500 hours of VHS-C tapes.Once in a video file I can the edit, splice, whatever, assemble in order and burn to a DVD. I have a Funai VHS/DVD recorder unit that makes direct copies of 2 hour tapes. Once on a DVD, things can be loaded, edited and reburned. I used the VHS-C camcorder with live video feed (composite) to the PC while viewing a telecine and 8MM projector. Sixty years old and the may have made their final pass through a projector but they will not be lost. The best method?? Each PC is very unique and each card, regardless of the mfgr, might prove problematic. USB devices can provide an alternate path to record media. A device that can manipulate an HDMI input and output same is along the lines of of a studio console and runs big, big bucks.