by nameless-1 - 7/7/13 11:28 AM

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Sorry if I posted the same questions that have already been covered.

1. If I really spend this much time editing the videos, how much better quality will the videos have ? I mean will it be 10%-20% improved or 40%-50% better than the DVD video made with a VHS/DVD recorder ?

2. So a safe bet would be to transfer it to a HDD DVD recorder then edit it and then burn it to a DVD ?

I know that the quality of VHS is poor. That's what I said, that I don't understand the people who get upset when the end DVD isn't what they thought it would. They don't understand that you just CAN'T get better quality on the DVD than the original quality of the VHS tape.
I'm just trying to get the same quality transferred from the VHS on a DVD.