not sure what that means

by SolarGal - 7/5/13 12:56 AM

In Reply to: Look at the charger closely. by R. Proffitt Moderator

You say "You have the charger so you can look it over." Not sure what that means. I'm pretty sure I now know what the manual means by "adapter". I think that means what you plug into an AC outlet & plug the other end into the camera for charging. So "adapter" is the same as "charger" when using AC. If so, one didn't come with the camera. Just have the USB cable.

I do have 2 adapter/chargers (AC to USB) that came with my cell phone. Both say 750 mA. Can I use them?

Also, I still don't understand what to choose on the camera menu. When I plug the USB cable into the camera & PC, from the camera menu, I can choose "USB" or "Adapter". Maybe when it's plugged into a PC I should choose "USB" & when it's plugged into AC I should choose "Adapter". Does that make sense? Why would it make a difference? For my cell, I don't have to choose.

I tried 2 options. Plugged the camera into the PC using the USB cable. Chose "USB" in the camera menu. Did again & chose "Adapter". In both cases, the light on the camera was blinking which indicated charging. So I don't see the difference.