Dont have a list to begin with

by viki27385 - 6/28/13 9:13 AM

In Reply to: Turn that around. by R. Proffitt Moderator

Hi Bob,

I am currently in Singapore. The phone would be used in India after it is bought.

If I understand "carrier" correctly, you mean the mobile network provider. If that is so, then I am not looking for phones with contracts. Hence, any phone suggestion should be fine.

I googled about android phones with good speaker sound but did not find any dedicated review based for that. Hence I do not have a list to start from.

I know that it is a big world out there, that is why I came here happy

Other than screen, sound & camera I do not have other requirements. Hence, I believed it would be easier for others to suggest mobiles.

Nowadays, I am considering Wi-fi & memory capacity minimum of about 8gb as standard stuff.

By average pricing, I am considering phones within 200 - 350 Singapore Dollars.