Jeep wont start

by derrickb1234 - 6/27/13 8:31 AM

In Reply to: (NT) it's 4wd ,straight six. by babapag

Email me at lmbelcher@yahoo about your issues with a jeep Cherokee not starting. I have read all the answers to this question and while all of them sound intelligent, none of them hold the answers. I went through all of them myself and finally just decided I was better off figuring it out myself without the uneducated input from people that think they know whats wrong. Everyone wants to end up saying its the cpu or a control module when it is most likely a simple thing like mine was. The part Is most likely a 35.00 problem vs 160.00 fuel pump or a 400.00 cpu not to mention the time and effort wasted fixing something that does not need fixing.