No cookie for you.

by Mortinox - 6/24/13 8:23 PM

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No Cookie. AT&T is horrible. Had a Atrix (original) with the "wifi error" reboot loop glitch. AT&T denied it was caused by their latest update. Motorola denied it could be hardware. Hundreds of reported phones affected.

Couldn't go without my phone for 3 weeks from mailing it in to be "looked at", AT&T said "go to our service station in Walpole MA". They looked at it, decided it wasn't worth fixing, and said I would get a new phone. Keyword new. New phone had no box. I inquired. A refurb? Yes. But a refurb isn't "new" its "refurbished". No, a refurb is "new". Whatever. Started driving my hour long drive home.Got home. Noticed a small sized discoloration on the screen. Great, they closed like 5 minutes after I left. I'll bring it in first thing the next day.

went back the next day "hey this phone you gave me, the 'new' phone, has a messed up screen. I want a new one. I gave you one without a messed up screen. I want one without a messed up screen". They asked if I bought the warranty on my "new" phone. uh no. They tell me "sorry we don't cover damage to screens if you broke it".. but I didn't break it.. its just a blister of light. You can tell that there is just something behind the screen pushing too hard against the lcd. It happened with a laptop screen I had. "no this is pressure damage. you should be more careful with your phones".

Long story short, they refused any help, entered into the computer that I had CRACKED the screen. Spent 6 and a half hours on the phone with AT&T and spoke to 7 different service reps, was informed that because I went to an AT&T authorized warranty center.. that my warranty with AT&T was no longer valid at anything other than authorized centers now. And no, they never told me that would happen when they told me to go there over the phone. (I had asked if they could look at the screen, since this location said they didn't have the "tools" to do it) Finally FINALLY I got someone who understood what I was explaining about the screen, felt bad enough about my 6 and a half hours on the phone, saw I had been a customer for 15 years, and sent me a new phone for.. almost free. I had to burn up my upgrade (granted they did it 6 months early due to this mess) but I was stuck with them for 2 more years now.. with no upgrade option.. and the GalaxyS3 was scheduled to be released in 2 months!

So no. NO COOKIE for you. Ok.. you get a cookie for trying.