remote control for ANY camcorder

by leumas2855 - 6/24/13 6:02 PM

In Reply to: Remote Control for some Sony CamCorder by azpatriot1944

Hi, there are several quite cheap methods of remote controlling camcorders:
1) consider connecting your camcorder via a computer (no tape in camera and connected to power supply. (if you're in the field, use a 12volt to mains transformer)). It'll give you
a)automated recording. Check for capture programmes for your PC/MAC
b)ability to monitor what the camera is seeing without spooking anything
c)some cameras (especially slightly older canon/sony) camcorders connected with firewire can be PC controlled with eagletrons DvDriver programme
d)in order to get stills you can always take snapshots from the recorded film footage within an editing program.

2)long distance remote control for any camcorder that is possible to be controlled with a remote.
Have a look at something like
the distance being achieved via cat5 computer cabling. You would mount the signal sender on the camera near the IR eye. The signal receiver would be flashed to, with the handheld remote where you are.

3)if you are close to your camcorder and you want to remote control it from behind, (usually the IR sensor is mounted only at the front), use an adjustable inspection mirror abt 1inch diameter, attach it to the camcorder (secure it possibly on the hand strap of the camcorder). Adjust it so that, standing behind the camcorder you can see mirror and in it the IR receiver. when you point at the mirror, the signal will be bounced to the IR receiver and operate the camcorder.

BTW you can't see IR flashing with the naked eye, but, without pointing directly at it, if you have a camera on your mobile phone, you will be able to see the IR via the phone. Quite handy for checking, if you're not sure remote is working.

hope this is of some use to someone