Concur and advice if you get a tablet

by jimbo_the_miser - 6/24/13 6:53 AM

In Reply to: My recommendations... by Lee Koo (ADMIN) Moderator CNET staff

I bought a cheap tablet for $80 last Christmas. Ended up taking it back and bought a better 7 inch tablet for $150 on sale. I'd highly recommend putting something on it to protect your childs eyes if yo go this route. I installed Funamo (our tablet is Android-based) which limits the apps and times she can use them. Also restricts Youtube to safe mode amongst other things. I also found she liked the color books better than black and white. Also found many educational apps in the google store and online. She uses the camera to make videos of stories she makes up with her littlest pet shop toys.

There is a tablet called Nabi, that has a rubberized cover that looks like it could take a beating. We just tell my daughter it's her first and only tablet and we've had no problem with her being careless with it.

Hope this helps.