I will agree to see a different picture

by vrmsr - 6/22/13 4:17 AM

In Reply to: The best reader for children is?? by jereese

Not too many free books and the library isn't always available. I find reading to the grandsons just as rewarding with a tablet as with the real books.
I do agree the important thing is to just read to them but make them available to be able to read to themselves and each other.
My 7 year old reads to the baby, now 8 months old, and to his younger brother, now 5 as well as to himself. But his favorite time is when I read to him and he reads to me.
E-books open a world of books not available in print and 1,000's are free.
As for the fear of new things... well I still have my VCR but I bought a 3D Blu-ray too. There are only so many trees in the forest too.