I am not on the fence - voted NO.... at 68, I still enjoy a book(s) happy
but I see where the YES people are comeing from... but the more I think
about it - a book is better.
I started young - grandmother gave me a monthly subscription to 2 books
and I could not wait till the next ones came ....
I just moved into an new place and emptied my storage unit - I have more
books than dvd's ! and due to the price and problems with both cable and
dishes - I have an antenna on the roof and get 12 stations - 4 of which are
pbs ,,, one of my fav's....
I have sorted my books and plan on reading every last one of them. I only kept
the ones I liked before.
over time I can see where the tablet would be cost efficient but not if they use
the library. plus from what I have seen of my ex's a book is just better, no oops
as to loseing off where you were last time because the battery went dead... etc.
and I think it would be harder on a childs eyes... I know it bothered mine when
I looked at hers.
I have quite a few sets of books that I have read many times - and you would not
be able to do that with a reader.